Friday, August 26, 2011

Grateful for total strangers

Clouds over a Hong Kong sun rise

I really need to say this, to thank the Universe for looking after me: I am so thankful and grateful for total strangers.  In the last few months of traveling, much of it solo with two little girls, I have been helped by so many complete strangers.  There are so many genuinely lovely people out there. I can not thank them all enough.

So thank you all:
  • The lovely lady working at London airport passport control for letting Zoe and I in a shorter queue.
  • The three lovely London airport hotel shuttle bus drivers for helping us with our luggage to get on and off their buses. 
  • A kind man for helping me get Zoe and our bags to our hotel room.
  • Kind lady on the London tube offering her brand new bottle of water to Abbey who was thirsty.
  • So many kind people offering me and my pregnant friend Ruth their seats on the tube in London.
  • Mr Motorcycle courier for pointing me in the direction of the lift at 5am in the morning at Terminal 5 Heathrow airport.  I was walking in the wrong direction.  
  • People (in the same situation) offering me kind words when I was upset after we had been told quite unexpectedly that there were no staff seats available out of London.
  • The lovely passengers on a few of our flights for offering to help with our bags.
  • The lovely couple for staying with Abbey during the travelator mishap.
  • The same couple for helping push Zoe in the stroller so I could carry and comfort an upset Abbey.
  • The lovely 82 year old Great Granny sitting next to us on our flight out of Amsterdam: she kindly told me how well I travelled with my girls and she was impressed at how organised I was (it is always nice to hear kind words)
  • Same lovely 82 year old Great Granny sitting next to us ordering a red wine at breakfast just before we landed in Hong Kong.  It was really 12 midnight in European time where we had just left, but boy she made me chuckle - red wine when breakfast was being served with a gorgeous sunrise streaming through the airplane windows. 
Thank you, lovely strangers.  I am ever so grateful.

Have a lovely weekend peeps.



  1. A lovely post. There are still decent people in the world.

  2. People can be so kind (sorry Kamahl, but they can). I had a similar experience battling a baby heading interstate last month and the amount of people who went out of their way to help me was astounding. x

  3. Hi Cat..a few kind people can make a huge difference. I am so pleased you found all those nice people on your journeys!

  4. I just love that you have noted every single kindness.

    It must have meant the world to you. Aren't some people just the best?

    Hope you're settling in okay Cat. xx

  5. There's nothing quite like the smile you get after a random act of kindness... the world needs more of it. Lovely things to be grateful for.
    I'm so pleased to have discovered your blog - it's such a beautiful, bright space... I look forward to reading mcuh more! xx

  6. It just makes me happy knowing that the world goes on in this way. We sometimes forget that it does!

    Yay for you for appreciating the really important things, Cat. x


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