Sunday, June 10, 2012

After the rain

Hi peeps,

We had some rain yesterday morning and this morning.  I was hoping the rain would make it feel cooler, but alas, no.
Finally some rain. I can pretend it is much cooler now. The truth is that it is still stinking hot.
 It is still so hot. Stinking hot and humid.
Another rainy day find.
The heat is exhausting and draining, most days last week were around 30 degrees Celsius.  The temperature at night only goes down a few degrees. There is no evening cool change.
Another #foundobject after the rain.
The whole Hong Kong summer is ahead of us, with months of this hot weather.    I hope I can survive my first full Hong Kong summer.
More rain. More #foundobjects
After the rain yesterday and today, I found these lovelies on the ground.  All so pretty.  They took my mind off the heat, and reminded me why I am loving living here - small wonders are always close by, ready to be found (and photographed)

Have a great week.



  1. I love visiting your blog for your beautiful photos.
    Hope you have air con and a big cool swimming pool! It's hard to remember that hot sticky summer when its cold here at the moment.

  2. Gorgeous photos Cat! (You know I LOVE them from instagram!)
    I have never returned to HK during Summer since we moved to Melbourne when I was little. Hubby wore shorts when we visited in February one year, and I know I have no ability to survive the humidity anymore. Take advantage of that great pool I saw in one of your pics I say!

  3. Beautiful photos Cat. And we have the exact opposite weather here, rainy, cold... in fact, FREEZING cold! It's a shame we can't share a bit of both with one another... and meet somewhere in the middle.

  4. Hey Cat, I don't envy you the heat and humidity. Living in Qld for a couple of years was more than enough. Have been to HK, so I can imagine what you are experiencing.
    I hope you have air con and access to a pool.....

    Beautiful pics......Frangipanni? the fragrance.

    Claire :]

  5. Hi Cat, popping in to say hello again. You will survive the HK summer and humidity - inside with the air conditioning! I can still remember in my head what 98% humidity smelt like and glasses always steam up when walking outside. Enjoy your summer.


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