Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My (temperamental) Creative Space

Hi peeps,

Are you temperamental when it comes to your creating?  I am.  I have to be in the right mood.  I usually am in that right mood. But some days, well, I am not in the right mood.  Then there is the not finishing some (too many?) sewing projects.  The UFO's (un-finished objects) We all have some, right?

When we moved to this lovely new apartment in February, I found a great many UFO's.  I found so many more than I thought I had.  There are many that I started when we still lived in Australia.......we have been in Hong Kong now for 11, these UFO's have been hanging around for way, way too long.
This week, I am tackling some of these UFO's.  Very pretty UFO's.  I can't tell you what they are, as they are presents for friends and family.  I am embarrassed to say, one of these UFO's is almost 2 years old.  It really is about time I finished them.

When I get my sewjo back (as Cam calls it), I will be finishing these pretties off.  I have to finish them now I have told the interwebs, right?

Have a great Creative Space day.


*The toddler foot is not part of these creations.  She was "helping"*


  1. Gorgeous patterns on those fabrics. I DO know exactly what you mean about the unfinished projects... and also can relate to needing to 'feel' the right way to take on creative tasks.
    It literally has taken me years to get my sewing/creative mojo back.
    Look forward to seeing the finished products of these unfinished works Cat xo

  2. I have a whole basket of UFO's and mending that has sat there for far too long - I'd planned to get it out today - thanks for the extra reminder - I'm off to look at it all now!! Good luck getting yours done! :)

  3. Aargh UFO's. Well done you for tackling them!
    It'll be a weight off the back of your mind.
    I hate the feeling of not wanting to make,
    you think you're never going to get out of it sometimes!X

  4. yep, have UFO's too... a quilt that is two years in the making! eek.

  5. Yes UFO's... I have way too many I think it is good to tell the interweb, then it makes you more accountable and makes you get things done... when you get your sewjo back of course :)

  6. Oh its such a great feeling to finish of a few UFOs!

  7. it Cat and 2 years that UFO is just a baby, don't sweat it......we all have them and some of mine are probably 2 decades old!! Definitely retro, hehe......

    Claire ;}

  8. I love the helping foot.
    I too have UFO's. WHen we moved I actually started a little draw and put them all in, I'm ashamed to report though that I have not completed one of them yet. Should really get to that (you can hold me to and and we could chear each other on)

  9. I admire you.. I don't even want to think about all the UFO's I have hidden around the house :/


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