Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bunting, zippered pouches, hearts, hair bobbles and more.

Hello peeps,

Yes, this does feel awkward.  It has been over a month since I paid my little blog any attention.  I am sorry to say it has been longer than that since I sat down and read some of the lovely blogs I follow and love.

Where do I start?  First there was Christmas.  A trip to my home town of Melbourne to catch up with family and friends.  A lovely trip, but a very busy one.  It was not really a holiday.

I managed to make lots of home made Christmas presents last year. I am really happy with how many presents I was able to make in the end.  I did some shopping on madeit, to buy hand made items that I did not have time to make myself.  Santa even bought my girls some hand made felt food (fruit, bread, cookies and tea bags) from madeit, he is clever!

I bought my girls their Christmas day dresses on madeit from the store Krumpet, how cute are these fabrics?

The girls Christmas day dresses, all ironed and ready.

These are the presents I managed to make.  There was lego bunting.

Lego Bunting.  Lovely.

There was pink and sparkly bunting.

Pink and Sparkly.

There was orange bunting.


I even started two strands of Christmas bunting a few days before Christmas (and was literally finishing it on Christmas Day on my mum's sewing machine)  Here it is hanging up at my Grandma's house.

Christmas bunting.

This gorgeous pile of fabric was sewn up into larger zippered pouches.  With straps.  I am now addicted to adding straps to my zippered pouches.

Zippered pouches, soon to be.

This was my first ever zippered pouch with a strap and patch-worked.  This one is quite big (approximately A4 size)  They are great as presents for children to put their toys in for outings or storage.  

Patchwork robot.

I made an owl one too.


I am still addicted to making zippered pouches, so lots of friends and family were given my travel sized zippered pouches. 

Lots of little girls (and a few big girls) received hand made hair bobbles.  I think you can never give or receive too many of these.

A poise of hair bobbles.

My Shropshire sister-in-law collects hearts, so I made her a little hanging felt and beaded one.


My Grandma and The Shropshire boy's Nan each received a fabric wall hoop decoration.

Pressies for Nan and Granny

I lost count how many snow man heads I made, it was possibly 15 (the last few were finished off in January, ready for next Christmas)

Four happy snow men all in a row.

In the end, I ran out of time and not many presents were wrapped in fabric, furoshiki style, as I had intended.  There is always next Christmas, right?

I also underestimated how many home made gift tags I would need, I used all mine and had to buy more.  Next Christmas I will know to make lots and lots of them.

Now I have all my gift making here in the one blog post, there really was a lot of creating going on in the lead up to last Christmas.  I have impressed myself.  I better start thinking of some new, different gift ideas for things to make ready for next Christmas. I am sure my friends and family don't want more zippered pouches and bunting strands.

Did you get crafty or creative at Christmas?  Do tell.

Have a lovely day.



  1. Wow you ended up making an amzing amount of stuff! Love that robot fabric - so cute.

  2. My goodness Cat, no wonder you haven't blogged for a while, you have been SO busy! Loving all that delicious bunting, looks amazing. The zippered pouches are also divine, I especially love that owl one, so gorgeous :o) Great to see you back here, I've missed you xo

  3. It seems that you cane never be ahead in Christmas gifts and decortions. There is always something new on the horizon. The gifts you did make will I am sure will be greatly appreciated, so nice to get a gift made from the heart.

  4. Holy moley! You have been busy! Everything is wonderful. I especially love all the bunting!

  5. You have been busy. Love it all especially the little snowman heads - so cute!

  6. Wow! That does look ridiculously impressive all in the one spot! You are making me feel incredibly slack...

    Love the fabrics and the block patchwork design for the zippered pouches (and a big yes to adding straps, makes them *that* much more useful!). I am always buying zippered pouches and still don't have enough, so I agree they make a great present.

  7. I'd have been happy getting any of these - esp the robot pouch
    Enjoying following you on instagram!


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