Thursday, January 5, 2012

The kindness of bloggy friends

Hi peeps,

I am continually blown away by the kindness of bloggy friends.  Lovely people I have not met in real life (yet) but who I have gotten to know via our blogs, twitter and now instagram.

First Jennie from A Little Vintage made me the most divine zippered pouch.

Then just before Christmas, Cam from Curlypops sent me some gorgeous fabric panels of her own illustrations. Plus she sent some other little goodies (pocket mirror and badges)  I love them all, thank you Cam, you are really, really bulk ace!


As a Christmas present to me, I bought some of Cam's Go Granny II 100% cotton basecloth fabric.  It is gorgeous in the flesh.  I am so making me a zippered pouch with this fabric!

Look what I found

As you can see, I am still addicted to instagram.   If you want to see my instagram images, they are over here or you can find me on instagram, my username is raspberryrainbow.

I hope you are all warmer than me.  It is 11 degrees celsius today in Hong Kong.  I am frozen.

Have a great (warmer) day peeps.



  1. It's a marvellous community and that Cam is a beacon in the middle of it, no doubt about it. x

  2. oh yes, you know how much I love Cam, she really is all kinds of wonderful!
    but you know you are too right, so good things come to good people.
    all the very best to you & your family for the new year Cat.
    cuggles ♥

  3. They look so cute all together like that.... you've given me a bright idea!!!

  4. G,Day Cat, My friend of 70 years who lives in Greensborough said the first hail was Wow ! but the second and third downpour was Shhhhsh look at the garden. Nice bright colours from Curly pops.


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