Monday, May 16, 2011

Things I have learnt this week

Whoops. I am very strong.  I managed to break our bread knife into two.
  • I can break steel knives with very little effort. I must have the strength of wonder woman. I am sure it had nothing (much) to do with the knife being accidentally dropped on the hard kitchen tiles the day before it broke.
  • My mum cooks the best roast lamb. And a mean cauliflower with cheese sauce too, yum! It is a shame my girls did not like the roast, why have they gotten so fussy with food all of a sudden?
  • People who pour concrete for a living can not do so in the rain. I have a ditch in the front garden that needs filling with concrete to complete our path. A ditch that has been there for 6 days now thanks to all the rain that fell in Melbourne last week (oooo, Concrete Man just called, ditch to be filled today, yay!)
  • This week I tried wool felting for the first time. Add one (hand knitted) wool cardigan from the oppy to your washing machine. Wash on a long, hot cycle, and voila, one (much smaller) wool felted cardigan is made. Now I just need to find the time to cut it up to make Abbey a pair of home made slippers for kinder (pattern from this fab book I borrowed from the library)
  • Gosh I love chocolate self saucing pudding on a cold, dreary night. Abbey will tidy up, all by herself, a whole, very messy room, just to have a piece of it also.
  • Said chocolate self saucing pudding is healthy if I use wholemeal flour, right?
  • Abbey loves pumpkin soup but does not like roast pumpkin any longer.  That is too weird.
  • Why has it taken me 5.5 months of sole parenting to realise that getting the girls both ready for bed at the same time (pj's and teeth brushing) is so much easier than doing it separately. Now that was a long lesson learnt. 
  • I was in a hurry to clean our en-suite bathroom this week, and used a very strong cleaning product.  Now I remember why I usually use the more natural/not as strong cleaning products - I have an almost allergic reaction to them.  I had a head ache for 12 hours.  One hour of this, in the middle of the night at least, I could not even move to get out of bed to get a panadol.  So does this mean I am allergic to cleaning? 
What have you learnt this week?

Have a lovely week peeps.



  1. So many lovely things to make with the felt, and it is so much fun. Abbey will love her new slippers I am sure. I thought you may have been chipping away ice with the carving knife.

  2. So that is obviously not the one they show on tv as being almost indestructible and that carves up tin cans very nicely! Sounds like you are doing wonderfully with being a solo parent at the moment..having time and energy to make felted slippers etc!

  3. I've always thought you were a wonder woman! Must be all that choc fudge pudding that gives you the super strength (and horrible cleaning products are your kryptonite!)

  4. Ah Cat, you have leant ALOT this week!
    So funny, as I have also just stumbled on the 'getting both children bathed and dressed at the same time is a far better option' thing. Sometimes I wish there was a manual for us Mama's.
    You poor thing, that headache sounded horrific. I saw a story on cleaning products last week and how detrimental they are to our health, kinda scary :o/ The lady was actually saying people just shouldn't use oven cleaner... at all! Lucky for me, having a super clean oven is not high on my list of priorities ;o)

  5. So many great tips in there! Wholemeal flour definitely makes things healthy!!! ;)
    My kids are the same with pumpkin - won;t touch the stuff unless it is in pumpkin soup and they don't seem to notice.
    I'm going to have to keep my eye out for an old handknitted jumper - keen to give it a go!
    You are doing a brilliant job of solo parenting and soon it will be solo no longer!! and in the meantime - no more cleaning for you!


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