Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things I have learnt in the last few weeks plus a date, a date, a very important date (has been set)

Girl on a scooter

In the last few weeks I have learnt:
  • That I will never tire of Abbey's drawings and doodling. How cute is her little girl on a scooter?
  • Random acts of vomit in the car are really not much fun. They can be a little bit funny though when the 19 month old involved looks down at herself, covered in vomit, and says "yuuuuck, weeeeet". I will be eternally grateful we were only one street away from home when it happened. And more grateful still that most of it was very chunky and went all over her and not the car. Little girls are much easier to clean than car interiors.
  • It is NEVER a good idea to attempt to re-thread the over-locker while cooking dinner. It only ends badly for everyone involved, especially dinner.
  • It is possible to have bags under your eyes that stretch to your chin - I am living proof.
  • I love freecycle. People are very willing to take away the stuff I do not want any longer. So far, an old fridge, two very dusty lounge chairs, one kitchen block, three bags of cloth nappies and one children's lamp have all been picked up by lovely people and taken to new homes. Not to mention, I have picked up 25 (did I say, free!) excellent quality packing boxes. Love it.
Oh yes, I better mention that important date. The girls and I are aiming to move to Hong Kong in the first week of July. That gives me 2 months to go crazy with packing, sorting and giving away all our unwanted stuff. Can I do it? I hope so! Wish me luck.

What have you learnt this week?

Have a great week, lovelies.



  1. Beautiful picture!! and I hope your little miss is feeling better! Great lessons this week :)

  2. Oh dear! It has been up chuck city around here the past few days also with the boys having a bout of the flu. Ewwww! I still struggle with it, although becoming more desensitised to it every time it happens.
    WOW! You're moving o/s in 2 months, that is soon! Wishing you all the best with that.
    Abbey's drawing is adorable. She is good too, those etchy sketchy things are difficult to draw on :o)
    This week I have learnt that even when you think you're getting on top of the washing... during wet weather, you don't have a hope in hell of catching up :o(

  3. Love the lessons ;) So glad that you have a date that you can work towards for Hong Kong!

  4. Lovely drawing and one to date and temember--- 21st invitations maybe ----- Hong Kong Ah! love it and I know the new Ambassador for Australia who will be arriving later this year. If big if I do get over there I will certinly have a coffee with you. Keep packing . Gee have we used all that bubble paper ?????

  5. Congratulations on setting the date! I am sure mr raspberry rainbow is pleased about that..he must miss you all so much when you're here not there. I am certain you can do it..hopefully with some help!

  6. I love precious little drawings too - well done for snapping this one before it got swiped! And all the best for your big move. I'm off to visit freecycle!


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