Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My (Bunting) Creative Space

Delicious bunting

This really should have been last weeks My Creative Space, but I ran out of time. Last week, my big girl turned 5. Five! Last Thursday I was still recovering from her birthday party.

I can show you in photos, how my bunting evolved. First, I cut out the "Happy Birthday" letters from black felt. I had read a very handy tip (can't remember where) that to stop the felt moving around too much when you cut it, sticky tape the felt to your template, don't pin it. It works a treat, I can tell you.

Sticky taped letters.

I was originally going to use 2 or 3 different fabric's for all the flags/triangles. Once I had raided my fabric stash, I was quite surprised how many different pink fabrics I really had to choose from. I had more than enough to use a different one for each letter.

This was my first fabric arrangement, but it did not sit right, I was not convinced.

First fabric order.

I played around with the fabric selection and order some more and came up with this arrangement.

Final fabric order.

So lush, all that beautiful fabric. I am happy with my selection, as many of the fabrics used have previously been made into dresses for Abbey or presents for friends and family.


I even had Chris helping out at one point, tying off all the ends after I sewed the letters on. He did not mind, he had beer and the TV remote control (and Dotty doll to keep him company)

Daddy helping

Almost done, one lovely pile of bunting triangles ready to be sewn all together. I top stitched around each bunting edge.

Gorgeous pile of bunting

Pegs worked better than pins going through all those layers of fabric.

B Pegs

There is no easy way to photograph bunting hanging up, I have decided. Especially when it is hanging in the darkest room in your house.




Yay! Finished. Pop over to Kootoyoo for more Creative Spaces.

Cheers, Cat.

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  1. I love this bunting. Gorgeous choice ofcolours and patterns. Beautiful.

  2. That is soooooo beautiful!
    Suprisingly, that pile of fabric looks just like something that would be in my stash. You have fabulous taste my dear ha ha!
    Hope the birthday girl loved it!

  3. That is a true raspberry rainbow of bunting've got some beautiful pinks together for your bunting!

  4. very good taste indeed Cat!
    beautiful bunting and yay to your 5 year old.

  5. that is divine!!! I hope you bring that out ever year from now on - soooo pretty :-)

  6. clever, clever you! Love the way you've joined them together with the cupcake fabric.

  7. That bunting is by far the prettiest I've seen... beautiful! You are so so clever, I've said it before, but you are!
    Those fabrics are heaven, love them all! Always a pleasure seeing your creative space Cat :o)

  8. Great bunting Cat, I keep saying I'm going to make some pretty bunting for Tash's room and still haven't got round to it.

    Jus x

  9. Wow...your bunting is so beautiful and cheerful. I love, LOVE, love the mix of fabrics!

  10. This is so wonderful and bright! I thought at first the name of the bunting was Raspberry Rainbow because it fits so well. I also love! the fabric carrots! They are just precious as are your little ones!! Thanks for the visit and good luck on your move!

  11. Oh yay, i did bunting this Creative Space too, yippee. Only with oilcloth, oh so simple, no ends to tie or loose threads, bliss. Love Posie

  12. What fabulous bunting! I love the array of pink materials you used. Perfect for a 5th Birthday. I love the YAY at the end too! :-)

  13. so pretty again love the fabric .a bunting is on my list to make .a really need to pull out my sewing machine now that the kids are back at school at get sewing.:)

  14. Love it! Well done, quite alot of work with all those letters :)

  15. love the shot of hubby and his beer and stubby holder! my hubby is a real fan of his beer and stubby holder but don't think I'd get him helping me with my craft. Every market when I'm really freaking out he offers to help me fold fabric or do something but he doesn't in the end!

    and oh wow I missed the news on HK but great news, how exciting. I love shopping there and I've been following jho of one red robin and her food adventures are enough to make me want to move there


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