Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yes, I am still here, but I have had a few days this week where I am not quite sure where I am. Yes, I am living in Melbourne at the moment, but I know there is a home to be made for us in Hong Kong. Chris is living there in our apartment, all alone. At least I have the girls with me here. Even if they are hard work and exhausting and relentless, I do get their kisses and cuddles and smiles and laughter.

I keep reminding myself it is just for a short while. Soon, we will be together again as a family. Chris was home last weekend. Each visit is an intense reminder of how much we miss him. How much I miss him.

Then Abbey is at kinder over 3 days during the week, and I feel validated that this is what she needs, right now. She is loving kinder, making new friends, learning so much. She comes home from kinder full of stories, eyes twinkling, a whole new world has been unveiled to her, and she is loving it, thriving on each new experience, full of the wonder of the world.

I continue to be torn between our two homes. Separated from my love. Excited and terrified all at the same time, of the new adventure that awaits us in Hong Kong.



  1. My husband works away from home and just sometimes I don't want him to make a life that's separate to our life. Inevitably that is what happens when they spend so many days away. My kids have grown but yours are still so young. Don't be afraid..your kids will make new friends and you will all experience amazing new things.

  2. Oh, I read this post and understand how unsettled you must be feeling. All the normality of your everyday life when you know that you and your kids will soon leave all that is familiar. But to be with your hubby is where home is too. Be comforted to know that soon you will be together, and that every decision is not permanent. You may be home in Melbourne again in a few years' time. xx

  3. Cat, I really feel for you - you really are doing an amazing job! P.S. How good is your camera with those flower shots?!

  4. Cat, I really feel for you - you really are doing an amazing job! P.S. How good is your camera with those flower shots?!

  5. I can see how this must be really difficult. Great that you are focussing on the positives for your situation at the moment. It's also wonderful that you're Abbey is going so well in her school as it does make a huge difference. Good luck and I hope you're together again with your hubby soon.

  6. It must be so hard for both you - like you said, at least you have the glad it's just for a short time...
    You always have us just an email away :-)


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