Sunday, February 13, 2011


At 17 months old, Zoe is learning so many new words. This week, one of the new words she has learnt is mine. She has learnt how to say mine, but she still does not quite understand (yet) the real meaning of the word. She will pick up anything, and say mine. She thinks it is hers if she is holding it.


This has been annoying her big sister to no end. I must admit I have been quietly giggling on the inside when ever this happens. Since Zoe was old enough to move and grasp objects, of course she has loved playing with Abbey's toys and books and teddies.

How did Zoe learn to say mine anyway? Probably from listening to Abbey constantly say no, that's mine.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Cat


  1. That's such a great photo! lol
    Hey if u want to see who one of your little bibs went to have a look at this post!


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