Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday's treasure

My Grandma recently gave me these old ice cream containers (note that the one on the right says it is artificially coloured and flavoured, like this is a preferred option - how times have changed)

Both of them are filled to the brim with all her embroidery floss. So many different colours. What a collection.

Her arthritis is so bad now, she says she will never use them ever again. Actually, she has not used them for years, but has held onto them just in case. This gift makes me happy and sad all at the same time.

I feel so honoured to have received them. Every time I have rummaged through them looking for just the right colour, I get a little goose bumpy.

Now I need a lovely box like Clare's to store them in. Many more treasures to be found over at her blog.

Hope you are having a great day.



  1. Wow what a lovely gift but I do understand how you would feel happy and sad at the same time .
    Thanks so much for showing us and playing along .

  2. So nice to hear that your gran's cottons went to an appreciative grandaughter. You see so many u f o and cottons that it makes me sad to think that someone didn;t want them , then I am a horder. I am adding you to my blog roll, I love Hong Kong and will enjoy your craft and photos.

  3. what a beautiful treasure. She would be so grateful that it is going to someone who will love them as much as she did.

    i recently received a whole lot of my husband's great aunt's buttons and other bits and pieces. I get the same tingly feeling when I use them.

  4. I totally understand! We love a great gift, but change is always hard :-) xxx

  5. It is lovely that your Grandma realises you will appreciate her embroidery threads. I'm sure she will be thrilled that you are using them. I can understand that you feel so sentimental about using them.

  6. What a great pressie but I agree, kind of sad too.

  7. What a lovely treasure to have been gifted.

  8. I fear that happening to me one day. Having crafty hobbies is so fulfilling but I know that a day might come where I'm not physically able to do it. That was very kind of her to pass along her materials.


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