Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hong Kong in a (long) weekend

We are so lucky to have had two amazing weekends away in a row. I'll have to have a separate post for each one, to do them both justice. Last weekend (plus two two extra days) were spent in Hong Kong. It is only a 9 hour flight from Melbourne (short to us as we are used to flying to the UK, which takes around 22 hours flying time)

I don't even know where to begin to tell you how much we enjoyed Hong Kong. It is an amazing city. We found it so easy to get around, even with two kids in tow.

We did lots of touristy things like have yum cha and have a ride on the Star Ferry. When we got on the ferry, Abbey asked us when was the ferry ride. We said this is the ferry ride, but she thought were were going on a fairy ride. Too cute.

We were staying on Lantau Island, near the air port. Lantau Island is only a 30 minute train ride to Hong Kong Island. One of the must see attractions on Lantau Island is the Giant Buddha (the Tian Tan Buddha Statue) You catch a cable car which travels over Tung Chung Bay and up over some mountains, with these amazing views. It is a 25 minute ride each way, and the views are spectacular.

You then walk up 200 odd steps to get right up to the Buddha statue. I can tell you it was a long walk up (and down!) as I was carrying Zoe in the baby carrier. I guess I got the better deal, as Chris had Abbey on his shoulders all the way up.

The statue is huge. And amazing.

Teddy came with us. Of course. She had a good time too.

More amazing views on the way down.

We also visited Kowloon Park and even had some time to check out some apartments. This trip has removed most of the fear of the unknown about moving to Hong Kong. I am looking forward to our big adventure to begin. But first there is a lot of packing and sorting to be done.

Happy Thursday to you :)



  1. It all looks fantastic! So great to have the opportunity to go and see the place first with your family .

  2. We're so please you all had such a great time, it must be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. Now the hard work hunting etc :)

  3. That looks fantastic. Glad you had a lovely time.

    Ive nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Details over on my blog if you fancy taking part. x

  4. Fantastic photos! You must be excited after getting a taste of it all. Good luck with all the arrangements. I'm so excited for you!

  5. WOW!!! Looks like an amazing place...and an amazing holiday! the idea of the 'fairy ride' so cute!
    Welcome home!


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