Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Creative Space

This week, every spare moment has been taken up with making two new dolls. One for Abbey, and the other will be my Softie for Mirabel.

Dotty doll has been very obliging and modeling the fabric choices for us - Abbey has been artistic director, choosing red hair for her doll and most of the fabric to use (her brief: pink pink pink)

My little pink obsessed cherub also chose pink shoes for her doll, what a surprise.

Dolly legs are also fun to play with. You can put them in your ears.

And pretend they are drum sticks too.

Have a great day. I am off to sew on some more dolly arms and legs.

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  1. I remember my daughter likes playing with dismembered legs too. Cute dolls.

  2. Gorgeous smiling face (both the doll and your little drummer girl). I love the way you make the hair for your dolls. Very clever.

  3. I love the little shoes on the dolls, very cute!

  4. Gorgeous dolls! I'm way behind on my softie for mirabel, best get moving on that...

  5. Super cute. What fun, happy colours! I can see why Abbey loves to be involved in the creative process :)

  6. Youre little one is so gorgeous. Like a little doll!

  7. They are lovely - especially like the little maryjanes! xxx


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