Saturday, October 16, 2010


This week, possibly for the first time in my whole life, I am grateful for wearing glasses. When chopping a chili, some juice splashed onto my face - my glasses stopped some chili juice going into my eyes.

This week I am (trying to be) grateful that Zoe caught my sore throat, her big sisters runny nose and cough and she was cutting two teeth all at the same time - it has been an exhausting week, but it could have been worse if all these ailments had been spread out over a few weeks. It looks like she is on the mend, and we hope to get some more sleep soon.

Today I am grateful for a delicious home cooked roast lunch and cake with lovely friends. Sipping champagne, relaxed conversations and watching all our girls play together - this is the life.

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Happy Saturday to you.



  1. Wow - chilli in the eye - that would have crippled you! Wishing you all have a weekend full of uninterupted sleep and snuggles on the couch.

  2. Lunch with friends & champagne... that sure is the life... a great way to spend the weekend. :)

  3. Oh Cat your funny! I love your sense of humour!

    What am I grateful for? I love life, full stop. I love everything around me and everyone in my life. I am grateful of life.

    Love to you, Chris and the girls
    Paula, Fynnlay & Paulie (In chilly Cheshire!) xxx

  4. Your second point shows that you can see the bright side - and this is something you can be grateful for too!

    Roast, bubbles, friends, happy kids - that sounds heaven!

  5. It's good to reflect on these moments and seeing a better side to what could have been a bad situation. It sounds like you've had a wonderful time with friends, I hope Sunday brings more happy times too.:)

  6. wow what a save!
    lunch with friends sounds fab!

  7. Ohhh that would have been horrible to get in your eye! Lunch sounds lovely.

  8. Glasses saved the day! That would have been very uncomfortable. I loved your gratefuls :-)

  9. lots of lovely things to be grateful for :)

  10. OMG, what a week!

    And FINALLY a good thing about our glasses?!?

    Thanks for linking up, Cat. x


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