Monday, October 11, 2010

At my house.....

Another quiet week at our house, still some runny noses and sore throats, but slowly getting better - we hope.

This week at our house has been all about pretend play. Abbey playing Cinderella, dressing up as daddy in his home made tie and wearing his work back pack (no photo of this) and quite a few tea parties.

For over 12 months we have been talking about the dummy fairy visiting. This week the dummy fairy finally visited, and magicked away the last few of Abbey's dummies. The dummy fairy was very sweet, and left a little note covered in fairy dust, saying thank you. The deal was when the dummies went, Abbey could get a Ken doll so he could marry her barbie doll. So off to the shops we went to choose a Ken doll - do you think we could find one? No! All we could find was a Barbie Rapunzel and Flynn Rider boxed together - so she got her "boy" barbie and an extra girl one (Rapunzel) - not a bad deal (for Abbey)

The first two nights with no dummy were fine, but the last 3 have been quite awful, with lots of playing up. She told me this morning that she misses the dummy. But the dummy fairy has them now, so there is no turning back.....wish us luck for tonight.

I best be off and peg out some more washing, while the sun is shining.

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Have a lovely week.



  1. Very cute kiddie photo. Dressing up was my favourite thing when I was little.

  2. Good luck with the dummy fairy. My first never had one but the second is obsessed and I dont know when we will ever be able to seperate him from it ;)
    Enjoy that sunshine too, its cold, wet and misrable in the sunshine state at the moment :(

  3. The silver slipper on the pillow is a fabulous touch. The Badoo has those shoes and she loves herself in them.

    And, still on The Badoo, I dread the day the dummy dies. Dread it. Unless the dentist tells me it has to go, frankly I'm happy for her to take it to school in three years time if that's what has to happen. That will sort it out quick smart!! x

  4. Oh Cat....the shoe on the cushion photo is priceless!!! I love it!! My little girl is into role-play & make believe so much lately...she would fit right in at your place :)))
    Good job on sticking to your guns with the Dummy Fairy! I too am dreading the day the Dummy Fairy actually visits our place! We've talked about it {LOTS} & prepped Ella up for the big day....but it's not going to be easy! So for now....Mummy, Daddy & Ella are happy to continue as things
    I hope you have a better night tonight! Let me know how you go!

  5. I remember when 'Santa' took my nieces dummies away (they'd been left on the tree for him), all went well until she found a rogue one behind the lounge a few weeks later and it started all over again. Thankfully Annabelle is only 1 so I have a while until I need to work out how to get rid of them!

  6. Love the photo. So cute. It will be so nice for you when you are all well again. It is so tiring for everyone!

    Hope the dummy remove is going ok. It will be nice when it is over!

    Lovely to visit your house again this week. Lou.


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