Saturday, October 9, 2010


This week I am grateful for doing 10 minutes of yoga. 10 minutes is better than none.

This week I am grateful, again, as my mum is always so helpful, and I would be lost with out her.

This week I am grateful for going out on a "play date" (as I called it for Abbey - who is 4 years old) with my best friend Nell - just us one evening, no kids, and lots of lovely finished conversations. I am grateful our husbands looked after the (sleeping) kids.

This week I am grateful that the young man at the library waived the fine for the book we have lost. I am grateful he gave us 3 more weeks to find the book....

This week Abbey and I are grateful that her daddy took a day off work to go on Kinder duty - they both had so much fun. I am even more grateful that Chris was then home to cook our dinner (and I got a night off cooking)

Visit Maxabella land for more gratefulness.

Have a lovely weekend peeps.



  1. Lovely things to be grateful for. Charmaine

  2. Love, love that picture! such a lovely list of things to be grateful for .

  3. what a great list :) I love a night out too and I am so grateful when I get one - they don't happen too often - helps me to appreciate it more :)

  4. I had a date night last week too and it was glorious! It's so good to focus on being grateful isn't it? Love Maxabella and her clever ideas.

  5. Laughing at your 'play date' - that's gorgeous!

    You're right, 10 minutes is much better than no minutes (which is the number of minutes I did yoga this week).

    And, I wish our librarian was as kind. Gee fines rack up, don't they! Makes me not want to use the library at all!!! x


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