Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wrapping Fabric

Hi peeps,

From now on, if you buy any of my handmade goodies, they will come to you, wrapped in fabric.

WF 1.jpg

I love wrapping up parcels of handmade goodies.  Using paper and knowing most of it would be put straight in the rubbish really got to me though.  So, now when I wrap using fabric, it can be used again and again. No more rubbish.

WF 4.jpg

The fabric I use is from the Sham Shui Po fabric street market.  I feel like I am rescuing the fabric.  Many fabrics have been there for a very long time waiting for some one to use them.  Now, these fabrics I buy have been sent all over the world and are being reused again (and again and again I hope)

Street market.jpg

I tie up each parcel with ribbon, no sticky tape is required (again, less waste).  The ribbon can be reused again and again also.

WF 2.jpg 

The beautiful handmade fabric cards by Here We Loopy Lou are a perfect match with my wrapping fabric (below).  I love Melinda's cards and must confess I have quite a collection of them now.

  WF 3.jpg

All the edges of my wrapping fabric have been overlocked (serged).

Last Christmas I wrapped most presents in fabric.

WF xmas.jpg

It feels good that my wrapping fabrics can be used again and that less paper is going into the rubbish or recycling bin.

Have a great week.

Cat xox


  1. Such a lovely idea....what an amazing fabric shopping experience too. Xx

  2. I just love this idea, Cat! It is like a whole extra present coming with the present/purchase! xx


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