Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet the Gang, hair bobbles and zippered pouches

Hi peeps,

I have been very busy lately.  I am happy to say, I am very close to opening my very own etsy shop.  I am so excited and terrified all at the same time.  But more excited to be honest.
Yellow and red flowers

Here is a sneak peek of what I have been making. Of course there will be zippered pouches (in 4 different sizes)

Red 3

There will also be a large selection of hair bobbles. I have so many other ideas swirling around my head, but I best get this shop open first.
Meet the Gang

 Squee!  I am excited.

Have a great day.  Cat. 


  1. I have always admired your neatly sewn pouches and am anticipating the fruition of all your new ideas! All the best with your new shop too.

  2. Oh my I can't wait for your shop to open! And I adore the pattern on that last pouch. I think I alreday said that on instagram too :)

  3. SO EXCITING Cat! And yes, get that shop up and running, so I can start shopping ;) You will do great, no need for any nerves, with all your talent it's a total waste if you don't open a store.
    Can't wait to see the details as it all unravels :) xo

  4. Oh I love the look of that pouch. What a great print!

  5. Well done...looks like you have been busy indeed.

  6. It is very exciting and scary all at the same time opening an etsy shop... I know, I felt exactly the same way just before opened mine!! I was so worried that there would be tumble weeds rolling around my shop! But to my surprise no tumble weeds yet :) I am sure your little shop will do great... Love you pouches! Having a little shop is lots of fun :)

  7. Can't wait to browse your shop - it all looks fabulous
    Good luck lovely


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