Monday, April 23, 2012

I need a challenge

Yes I do, I am in need of a challenge. When Kylie mentioned on twitter that there was a kids sew-along happening with the Elsie Marley blog, I had to know more. So I have signed up to the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  It runs for a week starting today.

The challenge is to spend one hour a day (or more) making clothes for your kids. For the last three days, I have actually already been doing this, so I plan to continue for another week and see what I can achieve.

This is one of two dresses I have made for Zoe, over the last 3 days.  I also designed/made the pattern, I'll talk about that in another post.  I am very happy with it!

Dress for Zoe.

So I dare you all, if you have children in your life, sign up here.  Have a happy week creating for the children in your life.


PS: Cam, I promise, I will finish my Lisette dress this week, for your sew-along.  Yes, I am a naughty girl starting a new one before finishing yours.

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  1. Now that, is a gorgeous little dress! You are so clever Cat, always love your creations. I am actually dabbling in a bit of (hand) sewing children's clothes at the moment, nothing spectacular, but really enjoying it. If I get better, I will join in with challenges like this one in the future.


Thank you for your comments. I always try to reply back to you and/or check out your blog, but some days this is not possible. Nice to meet you. Cat