Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blue Squared.

Hi peeps,

I thought it was about time I talked about life in Hong Kong. It is hard to believe we have been here for 10 months now, it has gone so quickly.  We are still loving this adventure.

We live in an apartment.  It is much smaller than our house in Melbourne, but we have adjusted.  It gave me a good excuse to de-clutter, and I did, but I am sure I could cull more "things".  It is a three bedroom apartment, with a combined living/dining room, a very small kitchen and two bathrooms.  Having two bathrooms makes such a huge difference.  There is a shower in one, a bath in the other, and each bathroom has a toilet.  There is no laundry.  This apartment has a balcony too (our first apartment did not), oh how I love our balcony.  If the weather is not too hot or cold, the girls play outside on their scooters or take some toys out and play on a picnic rug.

There are many water features and fountains in our apartment complex. Water is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in feng shui.  I have noticed that most of the apartments in our area of Hong Kong have one or more water features.

There is one I walk past every day, many times.  It has been windy this week, and some pretty things have landed in the water, waiting for me to photograph them.

This is what we have found this week.

Lonely pink flowers floating in the rippling water.

One tiny floating flower, alone on a journey this windy day.

Water features on very windy days are interesting to watch if you are a two year old (I was holding her tight)

I was holding her tightly.

Pink flowers can be hitchhikers on bark boats.

Little flower on a boat ride.

Hi, there is my reflection.

A different leaf in the water feature today. And my reflection.

Yes, I am still addicted to instagram.  You can see my images here, or in instagram, my user-name is raspberry rainbow.  Pop in and say hi if I have not found you yet.

Have a great day.  Cat


  1. These are beautiful photos Cat, I am loving those tiles and the water rippling is just lovely. I'd love a water feature in our courtyard... though with all the rain we're having this week our whole yard is a water feature at the moment! Wow, 10 months gone already, that time has flown! xo

  2. Hi Cat, i discovered your blog through 'our creative spaces'. I lived in HK when my kids were little (15 or so years ago)and reading some of your posts brings back so many memories. Apartment living and getting around on all the public transport. I loved seeing the photos the buttons etc in Sham Shui Po - it doesn't seem to have changed a bit. I used to go up ladder street and down some of the alleys in Central for my some supplies but I'm sure that has all gone now. I'll pop in again to see any updates!


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