Sunday, December 18, 2011

My new love, buttered crumpets and rocket in my wine.

Hi peeps,

My new love is Instagram.  I am quite positively addicted to it.  It gives me such happy flash backs of being 18 again, studying Medical Photography at University.  Back then, I loved experimenting with different photographic techniques and processes.  Now I can do it all on my iphone.  So much fun!

Oh, I forgot to mention we are back in Melbourne now for Christmas.  It feels quite weird to be back in my old home town, it is so familiar yet so unfamiliar, all at the same time.  For the first few days, I found it difficult to contact any one - we were enjoying just hanging out with my mum and step-dad.  We had been missed and we had missed them.  You really appreciate your loved ones when you have been away from them.

But now, let the fun begin.  We can't wait to catch up with so many lovely people we have missed hanging out with.

This is my week in Instagram photographs.  A lot of the week has involved enjoying many of the foods we can't get in Hong Kong.  Like buttered crumpets.  The ones we can buy in Hong Kong are not this good.  

Buttered crumpets.

Cheese is ridiculously expensive in Hong Kong.  I am going to enjoy my favourite while I am here.  Often.


Playing in the sand pit is so much fun.  Especially when you are 5 or 2 years old.  Even more fun when you have not done it for over 5 months.

Sand pit time.

There has been rocket in my wine.

There is some rocket in my wine.

Iced coffee shared with dear friends who have been missed (Hi Nell!)

Iced coffee on a warm day.

I now feel like a craft pusher.  I took some unfinished fabric covered button components over to Nell's house yesterday and she loved making them as much as I do.  Her 6 year old daughter had a great time making some too.  They are now addicted.  So I am the craft pusher - all healthy fun at least.

This is our finished hair bobble posie.  So pretty.

A poise of hair bobbles.

Have a lovely week.  I know I will :)



  1. Oh Cat! Those crumpets are making my mouth water :o/ They are just so juicy and delicious, LOVE crumpets with golden syrup, Mmmm!
    Welcome back to Oz, I bet it's lovely being in holiday mode for a while.
    Your hair bobbles look gorgeous, so clever & crafty.
    And instagram fascinates me, I don't have an iphone, therefore have never dabbled in it, but seeing how much fun it looks... I think an iphone will most likely be my next phone of choice, once my plan runs out ;o)
    Enjoy your Christmas in Melbourne xo

  2. Merry Christmas Kat! I'm signing off for this year and will be back after my trip to the end of January.

  3. Sounds like you're having a lovely time Cat. I'm itching for an iphone, hopefully Santa is listening. Love your instagrams - you and I appear to have v.similar loves.
    : )
    All the very best to you and yours for a gorgeous Christmas x Alisa

  4. Enjoy being home, Cat and merry Christmas to you all! x

  5. Oh crumpets! They are so very high on my 'most missed' list too...with loads of butter and honey...drool...

    Hope you had a great time back home. I find it a weird experience too, I'm always so looking forward to catching up with everyone but after a few days I find I'm aching to go 'home' again (but that's normally because my husband and dogs aren't traveling with me!).

    Happy New Year to you!

  6. ps. I meant to ask - do you cover your own buttons? And if so, how do you do it? Would a tutorial be too much to ask? :)


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