Friday, July 29, 2011

Hello from Shropshire!

Welcome to Shropshire

Hello lovelies.  As crazy as it sounds, we were in Hong Kong for only 2 weeks, and now we are in Shropshire, England.  It was all very last minute, to fit in a long overdue visit with the Shropshire boys family before Abbey starts at her new Hong Kong kinder.

Red phone box cuddle

I hope I get my fill of red phone boxes while we are here, gosh I love them.

I will be back blogging again in a week or so, when we get back to Hong Kong.

Cheers for now, Cat.


  1. Hi, you do get around. What a contrast Shropshire is to Hong Kong with it's heat and humidity to Englands mild summer heat. Shropshire looks georgeous and so do you!

  2. Your outfit is adorabubble, Cat! Enjoy bonny England and see you when you're back. x

  3. Shropshire , remember it well ( holidaying ) and just love saying Shropshire it just rolls off the tongue.

  4. What a fabulously exciting life you are leading Cat. Sounds like so much fun! Loving your little red shoes, they look great against the red phone box... those old phone boxes are very lovely! :o) xo


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