Saturday, July 9, 2011

Goodbye Melbourne, Ni Hao Hong Kong


Well, we made it.  Late last night we landed in Hong Kong.  A wave of 32 degrees celsius heat greeted us when we got off the plane.  Quite a contrast to the cold, windy 10 degrees celsius we left behind in Melbourne.

I am so relieved to finally be here.  7 months of solo parenting, separated from my Shropshire boy, was very challenging.  We are a family again.  All is well in my world again.  I hope I can start sleeping again.  I have almost lost the ability to fall asleep, and stay asleep.  I guess stress does that to you.

The Shropshire boys company flew us over business class.  It was so luxurious compared to economy class.  I enjoyed my glass of champagne, while still on the tarmac at Melbourne airport. The staff know your name, and use it often (Thank you for flying with us, Mrs Raspberry Rainbow*)  I can juggle a 22 month old wriggly Zoe while sipping gulping down champers.

I best be off.  Abbey is running around in her swimmers, wearing her blow-up swim ring, eager to get to the swimming pool after Zoe wakes up from her sleep.

I hope you are all well, I have missed you, my bloggy friends.

Zaijian**, Cat

* Not my real surname
** "See you again" in Mandarin
(Ni Hao is hello in Mandarin)


  1. Welcome home! So glad you're back. xx

  2. Hi Kat..I've missed you too! So glad you have finally made it and everybody's happy. Hopefully you can fall asleep tonight stress free..and enjoy that georgeous warmth.

  3. Of course, I wrote that far too quickly! What I meant was welcome to your NEW home. Doh! I'm so glad you're a family again. That's what really is home.

    I hope you enjoy making new memories there. xx

  4. I am so glad you have arrived. You look happy!

  5. Cat, it's great your family is 'whole' again. You must be so relieved. I love that you can juggle alcohol and toddler at the same time - impressive multi-tasking mumma ... wishing you sound sleep :)

  6. Oh well done Cat! So pleased for you that the move went well and the flights are all done and now you can settle in and start your life in an exciting new place. Looking forward to sharing the adventure with you :o)

  7. You made it!! And you look so very happy. I'm so glad! I'm sure you'll enjoy your new adventure - it'll be a walk in the park compared to the last 7 months!

  8. Business class and 32 degrees! Sounds like a dream to me right now. I'm glad you are there and happy.


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