Saturday, December 18, 2010


This week, I am grateful for so much. This week, I feel very loved. So many lovely friends and family have really helped me out. This sole parenting thing is hard work and exhausting. Bring on Christmas, as Chris will be home with us then. We can be a family again.
  • I am grateful Chris was able to get a flight home last weekend to see Abbey's gymnastics display. He was here for one night only, but it was worth it.
  • I am grateful I won this amazing giveaway. Jennie makes the most gorgeous dolls, and the purple softie I won is adorable!
  • I am grateful I can sew, as I made Abbey's costume for her gymnastics display - a jelly fish skirt.
  • I am grateful one of my friends Kate had Abbey over for a play date this week, so I could get a few hours of respite, do some yoga to calm my mind and she cooked dinner for us too. Abbey adores your Mia, and was talking about you for hours afterwards.
  • I am grateful for this post from Tracey who got me all inspired to make some some of our own Rodolph the reindeer cookie suckers - Abbey (and I!) had lots of fun.
  • I am grateful my mum looked after the girls so I could get my food shopping done, so very quickly, as I had no kids with me (thank you for pruning the roses, again)
  • I am grateful this week as my step-dad Steve mowed our back lawn and completely made over over our whole front garden - it looks amazing, and is the most wonderful Christmas present we could have asked for.
  • I am grateful my dear friend Yvette had us over for a catch up, let us trash her house, and she made gingerbread dough for our big girls to make some cookies. I love our chats, and discovering our never ending similar interests. I am grateful our big girls play so well together (and now our little girls join in, so cute) I am so grateful our paths crossed and we are friends.
  • I am grateful for a catch up and kids play date with my dear friend Nell - it felt like ages since we had a natter. Your friendship is so easy and natural and means so much to me.
  • I am grateful our local library runs an amazing kids program of story time with singing and dancing and arts and crafts. This week's session was extra special, as our librarian had arranged for Santa to visit - a very funny Santa who rides his motorbike right into the library (his number plate is also "Santa") He reads a story and tells lots of jokes, we had so much fun.
Maxabella loves land is the home for gratefulness today, pop in and visit.

Have a lovely weekend to you.



  1. Wow, such a great list. I always struggle remembering all the things I should be grateful for each week. Love the reindeer cookies too. Must bookmark them for next year when my little boy is old enough for treats like that.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you linked up to Maxabella's Grateful list. Your site is so delicious I want to eat everything! It's official. I'm your stalker. Oh, and your welcome to stalk me back: xx

  3. Oh Cat, you should check out my Day 70 post (my reindeers were a disaster LOL!!)
    What a lot of fantastic gratefuls - love the sound of that santa!!
    have a great weekend

  4. Visiting for Grateful Saturday. So many things to be grateful for - what a blessing! Merry Chrismas :)

  5. You lucky girl, sounds like a great step-dad there! And congrats on your win. AND... I am now grateful to you for putting up that image. I want to make some!

  6. Wow, this feels like confession. Its amazing you are so grateful. I am grateful for your gratefulness. Have a great weekend. x

  7. Fantastic list - and a fantastic effort with your little Rudolphs. He looks great!

  8. What a week you've had. I think it's wonderful that your hub made it back to see your girl. That's commitment. I'll look forward to seeing the costume. x

  9. PS - love the reindeer bickies on a stick... x

  10. Sounds like you have really great friends and family Cat! I'll be looking forward to the jellyfish skirt post - sounds fascinating!

  11. I've just discovered your blog and I love it! Well done for getting through the week without your husband, mine has changed his job now and has far less travel but we lived through very small children and him away 70% of the time. I understood everything you were saying about quick dashes to the supermarket and how appreciative you can be by the smallest act of kindness from a friend. I also love traveling, come over and see our Shamozal in Qatar sometime @ 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle.



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