Friday, January 25, 2013

My (tooth fairy pillow) Creative Space

Hi peeps,

Tooth fairy pillow for Abbey

OK, this is not really My Creative Space for this week. I am embarrassed to say this cute little Tooth Fairy Pillow was made (many) months ago.  Better late than never to share, right?

I wish I could say this was my amazing original creation, but it is not.  I found this fabulous pattern and tutorial years ago on the web, and thought I could not come up with a better one.  It is cute, practical and very easy to make. I had it printed out literally for years before it was needed.

Tooth fairy pillow for Abbey

Poor Abbey was one of the very last of her peers to lose her first tooth back in October 2012.  She was 6.5 years old, and so desperately wanted to be like all her friends.  Her two front teeth were wobbly for months, so many months.  It gave me plenty of time to finish her tooth fairy pillow at least (not that it takes very long to make.  I just took a while to make it in spits and spurts)

Doily skirt detail

I just knew she had to have a doily skirt.  I threaded some fancy ribbon through the bottom of the doily shirt to add some more pretty.

Tooth fairy pillow for Abbey

I cut up one of the Shropshire boy's old silk ties to make the yo-yo.

I did not have many doilies to choose from to make her skirt.  There are not many op shops (charity shops) here in Hong Kong, and the ones I have been to did not have doilies (boo!) As a result, the best doily from my stash gives Ms Tooth fairy pillow a builders smile, otherwise known as a bum-crack.  Oh dear.

Tooth fairy pillow for Abbey

Luckily, Abbey does not care.  Neither do I to be honest, it is kind of funny actually.

Have a great weekend!

Cat xox


  1. Oh I really love this little girl. She's a beauty. Thanks for the pattern, I just have time to make one for my daughter who is on her 7th wobbly tooth.
    Rosie xx

  2. Hehe, this is so cute Cat. Love how the little tooth comes complete with it's own accessories, such a fancy schmancy :) xo

  3. she's super cute Cat.
    I've got a 4 year old desperate to lose a tooth - might be waiting a while!

    (ps - the little pouches never arrived but I took the liberty of donating $50 to the bushfire appeal!)

  4. I love the little 'builders smile'. As we have just had Australia Day here in Oz, it reminds me, but in a much prettier way, of what the view on a building site anywhere here in site is likely to be.
    Wish I had known about this this fairy when my three were at the tooth losing stage. I would have made them all one.

  5. Hehehe great job....little one will be more excited about losing the tooth than the back of the pillow I imagine. xxxx

  6. Oh Cat, the bum crack is the best bit! I love your tooth fairy pillow. All of it, even the little teeth! You're so clever! Thanks for sharing. xx

  7. Hi Cat,I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. More details on my last post.
    Rosie x

  8. Wow Cat I think that is the most vivid purples I have ever seen! I'm sure Abbey was over the moon - two bonuses! : )
    Funny we have a similar wobbly tooth story here and I'm sure it is going to hang on till 6 and a half too... x Alisa


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