Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Has it really been that long? Reflections on living in Hong Kong - the first 12 months

Before the storm. 
Hi peeps, 

It caught me by surprise a few days ago realising that we have been living in Hong Kong for 12 months - a whole year now.  It has gone so fast.  Some days I still can't believe we were crazy enough to move countries.  Did we really do that?  Yes, we really do live in Hong Kong. Most days I am grateful the Universe gave us this amazing opportunity to live some where different and experience a new culture.  I love Hong Kong.  It is an amazing city.  Yes, it is hot.  Stinking hot and humid at the moment.  But that is just part of this adventure.  

Of course I miss my friends and family.  I ache some days missing my mum and some dear people back in Australia,  I try not to think about it too much.  I cried the day my Grandma did not want to talk on the phone, she just can't hear anyone properly on the phone, even when she wears her hearing aids, it was not personal.  I just wanted to hear her voice and have a chat.  Thank goodness for skype I say!  

I miss op shopping.  I did miss yummy bread until I started to make our own, most of the bread here has sugar in it and tastes wrong (to us).  I missed Jaffas, so my mum sent me two packets. I gorged myself on them, got a terrible head ache, and no longer miss them.  I don't think I will miss them for a long, long time.

I stressed for 10 whole months, worrying that Abbey did not have a place at a school, terrified that I might have to home school her.  Then in a short period of time, she had offers from not one, but two schools. We then had to choose.  I could write a whole long winded post about the International school system here, about needing to apply years before a place is even needed and the long waiting lists and the fees just to get on a waiting list.  But I need to let that all go.  Abbey now has a place at a lovely school (thank goodness!)  

We have experienced typhoons, tropical storms, amber rain, red rain and black rain.   Hong Kong does get cold.  I can attest to that.  But winter here is brief, and the summer feels very long, hot and humid. The summer is easier to cope with when we have access to an amazing pool complex, which contains 4 pools and 2 spas.  There is photo of it here

I am enjoying the lifestyle we live here.  We do not need a car, I can walk or catch a bus or a train to get around Hong Kong.  If all else fails, a taxi ride is not that expensive.  The trains are ever so clean and efficient (and air conditioned!), the buses stick to their timetable,  if anything, you could miss your bus as it was early to your stop.  Seriously.  

There is still so much to see and do here, but that will have to wait until after our summer holiday.  Soon we will be off to Paris and then on to explore Denmark.  I am reminded that this was one of the reasons to move to Hong Kong - we can see more of the world from here.

I hope you are having a great day.  Cat.


  1. 12 whole months have just whizzed by! I'm so glad it's all working out for you. That old adage is true for us all: home is where the heart is. x

  2. Wow - 12 months Catherine! I'm so glad you have found so much to enjoy. It is such a wonderful experience you are all having and Paris and Denmark - wow! Enjoy!

  3. After absolutely loving our three weeks in Taipei I can just imagine loving Hong Kong as well. I am glad you have settled in so well and are having such a great time. All the best for your second year.

  4. Wow what an adventure you are having...i admire your braveness to explore life away from your home. xxx

  5. Whatta 12 months Cat! I admire you. For getting through it all and learning so much, taking on new challenges and sharing it with us too. I can't imagine being able to take such an experience on and actually make it work.
    The jaffa thing made me laugh, though I do feel sorry for you... I have made myself feel quite ill on M & M's before, so know what you mean.
    Some huge positives with the lifestyle there though, it does sound quite incredible xo

  6. So fast!!!
    Enjoy the adventuring


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