Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scrappy fun.

So, what do you do with your fabric scraps? Your ribbon scraps, pieces of pretty wrapping paper after a present has been unwrapped? I had been collecting all of these in a plastic box for Abbey. Once Zoe was born, this box was overflowing (all the ribbon and wrapping paper from gifts for newborn Zoe filled it up very quickly)

Fabric scrap fun

I don't like throwing out perfectly lovely fabric, ribbons or paper, so I needed to find some ways to give away my overflow. I gave some to friends, with a glue stick, for their children to have as an arts and crafts activity.

For the last 3 and a half years, every Friday during school term, I have taken Abbey to one of our local libraries for Story time (and now Zoe comes, too) Our librarian (and her helpers) are fantastic. There is usually a theme each week, and our librarian reads books, finds songs to sing and dance to, plays silly games and at the end there is always an arts and craft activity relating to the days theme. This part Abbey loves. It can be cut and paste, colouring in, making little people out of pipe cleaners to sit on paper surf boards or spiders in a web for Halloween.

Spider web.

It is always lots of fun and I am sure I enjoy it as much as Abbey. I have given our librarian two large snap lock bags, mainly of fabric off-cuts. I have started another large bag to give to Abbey's kinder.

Fabric scrap people

These are some fabric covered people Abbey made recently. The two on the blue paper she did at the library, and the other ones she made at home.

We will definitely be taking this scrap box to Hong Kong when we move over permanently. Abbey so often uses it for crafting and creating, and I am sure Zoe will too, when she is a little older.

As I said in yesterdays frog head tea post, the girls and I are in Hong Kong at the moment for the school holidays. We are a family again. We hope to do some more exploring, find the local library and find some more playgrounds close to our apartment. The last two days have been wonderful, crossing the road from our apartment and going to the outdoor pools, of which we can see from our apartment windows. It feels like we are living in a resort. The warm sunny weather is so lovely and making up for the very cold January we spent in Hong Kong earlier in the year.

Cheerio for now, Cat.


  1. I am so pleased for you, that you are in Hong Kong being a family together again for the holidays. It is lovely when you feel like you're on holiday in a new place..exploring. I prefer my tea without frogs..and I think my dogs prefer water without cane toads, so I had to clear two huge ones out of their drinking water the other day!

  2. Thank you for these awesome craft ideas... I also keep a box of scraps and nik naks, which would be perfect for this type of play!
    Always enjoy your posts, you offer such an array of options, for the more creatively challenged people, like myself ;o)

  3. Cat I love your idea of using up all of that scrap fabric. I used to do craft activities like that when I worked in child care, thank you for reminding me how much fun this art activity is.

  4. Love the colorful scrappy pictures! So gald that you are in Hong Kong at the moment, enjoying time as a family!


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